[1.0] The Beginning of an End

"I have these ideas in my head, these theories that always linger in my subconscious all the time. When they come up, I waste a day pondering, only to let them eventually pass me by, unphased and unchanged, due to both my laziness and atrociously bad memory. Therefore, I have decided to make a blog, not only as a notepad for these crazy thoughts or worthwhile ideas, but as a sanctuary for my restless mind, a temporary shelter for my soul as I reflect on my day," Andre wrote in his new blog, which he rightfully entitled Cocopoops.

Andre Leech was not your usual protagonist. He had short black hair with a few stray strands of white sticking out awkwardly, nose hair which extended way out of his nostril when he smiled, a bad case of hayfever, and never failed to over-exaggerate, which constantly provided Delilah with more stress and worries.

He was a man, a boy rather, frustrated with the monotony of life, the aimless routine of work, school and play. What is life? The question of the century. Now, sitting in his tight blue briefs and dirty green singlet, he has decided to record the daily happenings of his life in hope that someday, maybe, he would be able to discover something out of the ordinary. He was a man on a mission, and his story begins.


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