[1.6] Grey, Grey Skies

Andre looked around him as he stood on the balcony. The cloudless sky was a vast canvas of toneless grey. The wind blew furiously and rain poured with assertion. Each drop plunged like daggers to the heart, like treacherous words intended to rupture even the purest of souls. Andre set his hands on the balcony rails, and lay his head peacefully on the back of his palms. For the first time in a long time, he felt alone.

He inhaled deeply. The moist, unfriendly air filled his lungs as he let out an abrupt cough. I guess tar and moisture aren’t the best of buddies, he thought.

That night Andre pulled out a little black leather book, which would serve as his diary in the years to come. He turned to the first fresh page, gave it a whiff and put his pen to paper. He wrote:

27th February 2010,
Time: 10.25pm

Dear diary,
I miss Delilah.

Andre Leech


The Analyst said...

You really have some serious talent at writing. Nice piece of work, will read your other posts soon. And the length of the posts are just right. Keep writing.

André Leech said...

Thanks The Analyst. Really glad you are enjoying it

Sadako said...

Enjoying it, too! Just found your site off 20s bloggers.

André Leech said...

Thanks too Sadako. Keep enjoying!

Johana Hill said...

I like your concept of referring to yourself as a 3rd person. And of course you pull it off brilliantly!

Lady V said...

Awww... what a sweet first page of writing:)

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