[1.3] The Post - Exam World

Andre shuffled in his seat again, desperately looking for an area which hasn’t yet been warmed by his buttocks. The sensation of sweat-soaked underwear fabric sticking to his butt cheeks was certainly getting to him. It was getting a little too stuffy for comfort in this somewhat vacant Hargraves library. The air-conditioners in the entire building were under repair and with the 35 degree heatwaves dancing about outside like minute ballerinas, it was amazing no one else felt like a crispy muffin fresh out of the oven. Post-exam period wasn’t as bad as Andre had expected it to be due to two reasons.

Firstly, he finally had some time on his hands to spend with Delilah. For the longest time, nights out to town and short hour study periods were a package deal - one had to come before the other. It was almost similar (though nowhere near as immense) to the existence of the sun and the moon. Given Andre’s anxious and paranoid nature, a day out without a study block during school semesters would drive his mind amok. His books were practically the couple’s third wheel.

Secondly, he would be able to finish ‘Eleven Minutes’, a novel by Paulo Coelho which was quickly turning out to be one of his favourites. Paulo Coelho’s ability to capture Andre’s attention was nothing short of special. He was learning more about pain and love than he had ever learnt. This was exactly what made ‘Eleven Minutes’ all the more appealing: its ability to consolidate Andre’s straying thoughts, slowing his conflicting mind down just enough for him to reach a point of epiphany or realization at least once every few days. Ironically enough, this was a feat he previously perceived as impossible since the last Harry Potter book.

Andre unzipped his bag and pulled out this new favourite book of his. Adjusting his posture a final time, he spread its pages open carefully, like a gentleman does with his partner in bed for the first time. Yes, being dramatic was an essential way of life. Doesn’t that make life more interesting for all of us?

Andre was deep into the book when the librarian’s shrill voice rang through the air, almost shattering his fragile eardrums. “The library is closing in 5 minutes. Please pack up your things and prepare to leave!” she said, much to Andre’s despair.

Do all librarians sound like a cat with its tail caught underneath someone’s shoe or is it only all librarians I know of who are like that? I should pen my thoughts in my diary as soon as I get home. I think I’m getting smarter, so let’s not waste this opportunity shall we? And with that, Andre shoved ‘Eleven Minutes’ back into his bag, got up and headed towards the exit, making sure to ram his big toe straight into a concrete pillar in the process.


Lady V said...

First of all, anyone who has some coffee on their blog must be followed! And I love how you write from third party perspective:)

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