[2.3] The Master Award?

‘OOOooo! Another award for moi!’
squealed Andre as he scrolled down Lady V’s blog. Sunlight filtering through the blinds splashed almost too violently across his laptop screen, resulting in an excruciating pain at the back of Andre’s eyes every time he tried to focus. Nevertheless, he had another award, and that was all that concerned him. Narcissism or easily excitable?

There was no time to lose, and once again Andre pulled out the trusty black book called a diary and began on a fresh new page.

12th March
Time: 5.47pm

Dear diary,
What luck! I just received another award, this time from Lady V. I have won more awards in the span of two weeks than I have in my lifetime. I am so happy. No, I am ecstatic. Actually no, I am elated. I feel like a SIM (from the SIMS 3) who has just completed his lifetime goals and is now ready to die in peace. Well diary, I don’t think I can ever feel more satisfied. I would even drive naked to the tune of ‘Battlefield’ by that Jordin-something.

The next 10 minutes were spent most wisely by Andre as he doodled away passionately in his little black book.

There! Dear diary I have finished this work of art. What I want to convey in this piece is the joy I am holding in my heart. Should my heart suddenly stop one fine day, my emotions and all of my days will remain on this earth. Maybe, just like Adrian Mole’s diary, mine will be discovered by some influential figure in the literary world. He would probably realize the significance of my life in the context of literature and I’ll get famous! I shall live on with all the other greats such as Charles Dickens. Who knows, we might even end up housemates in the after-life. How exciting, gosh.

Oh anyway, back to the masterful award. I proudly declare that I am a master of Wedgies. I don’t know when or how I managed to develop such an advanced skill, but ever so often, when I least expect it, I suddenly feel the warm fabric climb up just a tiny bit higher. Before I know it, BAM, its just there, between the cracks like a peanut butter sandwich. There is a saying that goes ‘with more power comes more responsibility’. I think it came from the Spider Man movie. Anyway, I don’t know how this applies to me but I’m pretty sure it does.

I do realize that most of the bloggers I want to send this award to already have it, so I shall sadly have to skip them. Maybe next time my dear ones. Anyway, I nominate the three musketeers: Andy Jones, Johana Hill, and Chantelle. Alright dear diary, I’m sweating because the stupid air conditioner in this library isn’t working again. Til we meet again, toodaloos.

Andre Leech


The Analyst said...

wow nice post there, And good luck with getting more awards in blogosphere...

Johana Hill said...

Ain't cha a sweetheart? I was on a break and I come back and I get another award! Thank you dearest! And congratulations to you Mr Andre. ;p

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